Unboxing Are New Live Streaming 4K Studio Camera by Blackmagic Design.

Live Streamed at MainStream Ent studios in Hollywood 2022

The carbon fiber-reinforced shell and the absence of a battery make this camera very lightweight. First to come out of the box is the machined metal tripod mount with a quick mounting plate. The mounting plate with 15mm rod clamps is a welcome addition. It features forward and rear adjustments so that you can properly balance it on the tripod. Alright, we can now pop open that foldable sunshade, which also doubles as a screen protector when transporting the camera. The back features a generous 7” touchscreen display. Just like all of Blackmagic’s cameras, it features the kind of popular MFT lens mount. The power adapter features a DC locking power connector, international power adapters, and a rather short cable. Unlike the Blackmagic Pocket cameras, the Studio camera does not have a CF or SD card slot. Instead, it features 2 USB-C ports to which you can connect SSD drives, and to which you can record in Blackmagic RAW format. The HDMI port on this camera is not just for the video feed but when paired with an ATEM Mini it also controls the tally (which can light up green, amber, or red), triggers the autofocus, and toggles the record button. The camera has built-in wind-resistant microphones as well as a 3.5mm audio input and output. The function buttons on the left can be customized to control things such as LUTS and autofocus. The dials on the right are strictly for controlling the brightness, contrast, and focus peaking on the 7” display. They don’t affect the HDMI feed or recording. And red tally light, which is triggered either when you press record on the camera or when you cut to the camera through the ATEM Mini. In our next video, we’re going to connect this to ATEM Mini extreme Pro, at MainStream Entertainment Hollywood studio in California.

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