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opened in 2012
staff Experience In Films & Video

      Attention all  Los Angeles Base filmmakers, photographers, and web content creators! MainStream Entertainment is the go-to soundstage and photography studio located right in the heart of Hollywood, CA. Just minutes from the 101 freeway, our unique studio size makes it affordable for any size production budget, whether it’s big or small.

  We welcome all industry professionals including independent and student filmmakers, making it easy for you to call us home.

  Our team has over 20 years of experience in film production services and we pride ourselves on giving more for less. At MainStream Entertainment, we’re always looking out for our industry professionals, because our goal is to keep you creating.

  So, what will you create at MainStream Entertainment? Come and check us out and let your Creativity Run Wild!   

Special Benefits

Booking our Hollywood Locations

Whether you need a large soundstage, a photography studio, or a stylish storefront for pop-ups, MainStream Entertainment has you covered. Contact us today to book our space and bring your creative vision to life!

Affordable Pricing
Our unique studio size allows us to offer affordable pricing for any size production budget, making it easier for filmmakers and photographers to create the content they love without breaking the bank.
Open Enviornment
We believe in providing an Open environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, regardless of your level of experience.
Our prime location in the heart of Hollywood, just minutes from the 101 freeway, makes us easily accessible to clients from all over Los Angeles. This means less time spent on transportation and more time spent creating.
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