About Mainstream Entertainment

     We provide strategic media and video production services to commercial, not-for-profit, and government organizations. Our team mobilizes the right people, skills, and technologies to help organizations like yours improve their bottom line with effective videos.

   We are customer-oriented and story-driven. We take on every project with enthusiasm that is unstoppable and perseverance that is unmatched in our industry.

   Before we write your branding script, scout your shoot location, or unleash our HD camera crews, we do our homework. That means we understand your expectations, study your business, know your target audience, recognize your intended message and distinguish your underlying messages. On time and on budget – every time!

   MAINSTREAM ENT. Is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible video production solutions for our State and Federal clients.

Core Competencies


Before we produce an effective marketing video we first analyze the target audience and our client’s message to that audience. An outline is made, a series of scripts are written, and planning for acquiring all the visuals is performed. Now it’s time for the shoot.


After a final marketing video script has been approved, we move forward with the filming of any interviews, on-screen talent, and product shots. We produce appropriate graphics and animation. We use all of our video production tools to make the best marketing video, whether it be drone aerials, time-lapse GoPros, or high-end 4K or HD cameras.

Post Production

After all the visual assets have been acquired we head into the edit suite to put them all together. If necessary we bring in professional narration talent to record the audio. We add graphics, text, and sound effects as necessary. We can animate client photos. We highlight product benefits. If we are lucky, we have customer testimonials to place within the marketing video. we also have are mini sound stage studio in Hollywood to help save clients more money because the majority of the project can be done in-house.


Marketing videos can be distributed by YouTube, Vimeo. Facebook, LinkedIn, or streamed over your website. Marketing videos can be seen by your audience as sales presentations at conferences, trade shows, or special events. Video News Release or VNR is another effective way to get your message out to the masses, either by satellite or digital file distribution to the television stations — in the form of a news story.


how we stand out form competition

  • Our Experienced Team – each with years of in the television industry
  • An extensive network of veteran independent contractors allows us to handle any size job.
  • 100% meeting client deadlines
  • Staying with in budget
  • Professional production of truly effective videos
  • From outline to script to filming to distribution
  • Lower cost because most things can be done in-house at our Hollywood Studio.

examples of videos we can produce

Campain videos – Non-bias to any party

Office Training – safety procedures, opening, and closing operations

360 VR Content – The newest and most exciting way to engage with your audience whether it’s A event or company meeting or mapping the outside world school even classroom’s VR 360 is fast becoming the means to connect with your new audience by being able to transport them to the same room you’re in or setting.

Product Training – Teaching others to use new tools.

Testimonial Videos-Tell your story without bragging. These are like Google reviews, but they carry more weight because a real person is attached to the message.

Product Demos – A great way to showcase your creation so potential customers can picture using them. This is extremely important when you can’t transport your product easily, like a panel saw, operating table, or vending machine for eyeglasses.

Over the years, MainStream Ent. has produced all types of videos for clients, saving them thousands of dollars and man-hours.

Mainstream ent potential clients


Proctor & Gamble


Mt Olive Pickles

Schindler Escalators 

Cisco Systems US Army 

Hewlett Packard 

Dubose National Energy


 82nd Airborne -Fort Bragg

 NC National Guard

 Army Research Office (ARO)

  National Guard

 US Army Intelligence Center

 Environmental Protection Agency-EPA

 US Postal Service

Codes & Certifications

  • SB(Micro) Small Business 
  • SB-PW Small Business Public works
  • MOSB Minority-Owned Small Business
  • Cage code 93TL3
  • Duns # 117636769
  • SAM Unique Entity ID: WBSZM8J5G2C9

Naics codes:

512199,  512110, 512120,711510,541922, 541921