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live IN 360 VR New Playah You Ready play CREED RISE TO GLORY Eps.1 – Mainstream ent Hey and thanks for tuning into the live behind the scenes of New Playah You Ready VR first Reaction’s you get to see all the funny outtakes mess up’s before we clean it up and upload the edited version and with a new host every week you can log in and play with us live its a must-see and all-around fun so make sure you add us so you can play with us live every week as play and walk through the hottest and possibly some lame ones review and score them. Form a different view a view from people new to virtual reality or Gaming period. wish I recorded my first reactions but with this show, we’re doing just that and you get to catch it all live. but make sure you catch the edited version the find out how we reviewed and scored the gameplay. #virtual? #CREEDRISETOGLORY 

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