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Video Transcribed:

All right back with a quick-fix tutorial now with the latest Windows 10 update oh no, what’s going on with them but for
some reason it stopped recognizing my MOV files and anything else that wasn’t mp4 file which made Adobe Premiere not
be able to recognize them so let’s get into this problem so we could show you what’s going on here so I’m gonna open up an Adobe Premiere new project and drop some files into it like normal now

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take a notice that these little blue folder icons those are the folders that
Windows can’t read and make it say unsupported compression file type in
Adobe Premiere we try it again the same thing so now we’re going to try to
import it and we get the same thing unsupported
compression file type so I searched around on the internet and I found a
couple forums that said oh try changing though the file name okay so we’re gonna try that now can we spell AVI. so let’s go ahead and drop it in the same thing Adobe premier can’t read it so now this is getting really frustrating alright so let’s try changing into a couple of different names right we’re gonna change this one to a WMV file so that’s Windows Media right.

so it should be able to read but notice how the icon is still blue so that means windows are not reading this. I change AVI. file to an mp4 file
the same, thing so I searched around on the internet again and I found this handy tool and it’s absolutely free.

Hand Break LOGO

All right it’s easy there’s a link in the download, it’s called handbrake all you do is just download this all right once you download it it’s very self-explanatory all right so I’ve already gone through the process of downloading it obviously that’s how I know it works so let’s grab one of our files that doesn’t work I’m gonna show you again that this file does
not work all right track the AVI in okay so now open up handbrake we’re gonna go to new open source you’re gonna just drag and drop your file in just gonna do its thing load it up I’m just gonna tell you where
you want to save it so I’m gonna save it into the same folder so that you could see what happens when windows now recognize the file as an mp4 file and just check your settings and then just hit the start button takes
a few seconds it converts it over and now windows recognize to file because we have a little video drag to drop it in and there you go easy like magic tryout was so frustrating there are a couple of other things that you could do with handbrake to you could also change the video size
so let’s take another file the AVI one so it doesn’t work right so take that
file open-source drop it in let’s go into its little thing alright
so you can also change the video size alright so right now it’s 1856 by 1036 I
change it to 1920 by 1080 so go to dimensions tab and go to with and
just change it to what you want it like I said mine is gonna be 1920 by 1080
that just go back to the summary tab that will check everything and press
Start they get another video I can that Windows can read and now that Windows can read it but Dobby premier can read all right so that’s it thanks for stumbling onto my channel and if this video has helped you out in any way I appreciate the comment bellow I like to hear from you and to stay up-to-date on new videos coming out go ahead and give us a like on this video hit that notification button and subscribe to my channel and we’ll see you on the next one peace. @ MainStreamEnt.

How to Fix Unsupported Compression Files For Adobe 2019 Solved.