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sound stage Studio

available for booking now $65hr 2hr min. Rent our studio for your next photoshoot, music video, podcast, or web episode with us.

What do you get?

  • Fast internet: 13mbps/353.68mbps
  • lights: 4 quasars 4′ tube lights 3200-5600 color temp, 3 ikan 500 led 3200 color temp, 2 800 led flood lights 5600 ct, 2 godox 150 spot light w/soft box bulb 5600 ct 4 durcast k1000 5600 ct
  • Bathroom and shower
  • free parking: two spots directly in the back of the studio the rest have to street park.
  • privet entre
  • grip/tech
  • green screen vinalyl upon pre shoot day request.

studio location

Mainstream entertainment film and photography studio
a live streaming content creation space what will you create