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Angry Customer On The Phone With BlockFI / Deserve

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Blockfi Scandal leaves angry !! Blockfi rewards Customers Refusing To Pay Credit Card Bills!!

How To File a claim to your Crypto wallet.

Angry customer On the phone with blockfi / deserve, telling them to pay my credit card balance with the crypto they stole. Also HOW TO MAKE A CLAIM TO YOUR CRYPTO WALLET recovery.!!!! Now you can be first in line once bankruptcy courts make the decision to release funds

BlockFi Steals Client’s Funds
& Demands Credit Card Payments Still!!

BlockFi promised to be a safe and secure platform for crypto investments, but on November 28th, 2022, everything changed. Their bankruptcy left thousands of users locked out of crypto wallets and frozen credit cards, As the company, now demands payments for their rewards credit card balances.

Left Out in The Cold

I and many others are left feeling betrayed and helpless. In this video and post, I will share my personal experience with BlockFi / Deserve and why I believe they have stolen your crypto money.”

The Concept

BlockFi, first of all, was not an exchange always just a wallet or lending. If you borrowed you had to have double the amount you borrowed in crypto in your wallet.

The loan is always covered by a simple concept. Then started up a rewards credit card for bitcoin great. clients fill up their wallets and took loans and open credit cards.

Shady Maneuvers

Fast forward one year later lol! their bankrupt. But before announcing it Publicly. They freeze wallet withdrawals, stop giving loans, and cut credit cards off.

Of course, this results in some clients having open balances on loans and credit cards. Blockfi now announces what’s happening, they are filing bankruptcy. Saying we’re too far in with FTX.

So basically they get to whip clean their debt clean and keep clients without, access to crypto wallet savings.

Now! Turns around and has the nerve to ask clients to still pay their credit card bills by threatening them with interest and penalties and leaving a bad mark on credit reports calls at 7:30 am. These are the same people blockfi owes. In some cases, they owe more, than the credit card balance there asking clients to still pay.

Frozen Wallet- So! Pay Your Bill

If you have a balance in your frozen wallet they’re unwilling to use your crypto balance, their holding hostage to pay your credit card balance off. At best should be whipped with bankruptcy.

Next best everything is on hold with no interest charges, and no late payment dings to credit score. Until bankruptcy court proceedings are done and wallets are unfrozen.

No Way Forward

In the current state. Clients have to lose twice, once with their savings second having to pay for a credit card they can’t even use anymore.

These are the dangers of trusting your crypto funds to them.” blockFi was an online wallet, not an exchange, So why is everyone’s crypto wallet on lockup in the first place?

Final Thoughts

Lastly, it’s just A f@#% up situation. “pay your bill”😶🤨 Your only hurting yourself. This blog won’t change anything. I am just speaking out loud my frustration. It’s the principal, lack of respect for the people who trusted a company with their funds.

My Hopes are to Just bring to light and attention the actions of the cutthroat BTS maneuvers of blockfi / deserve rewards credit card to their customers that they stole from.

“Corporations get away with robbery when everyone looks the other way. I Can’t…..👁”

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Blockfi Bankruptcy wallet Recovery Forms

Affected by BlockFi’s bankruptcy? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back I have included all the information you need to begin the process to reclaim your locked wallet. Don’t wait to begin the process of reclaiming what’s rightfully yours now!!. Please share whatever is left unclaimed and guess who keeps it.

BlockFi Case Info Here

Submit a claim Here

Wallet claim Form Download Here

Where to mail forms:

If by first class mail:
BlockFi Inc. Claims Processing Center
c/o Kroll Restructuring Administration LLC
Grand Central Station, PO Box 4850
New York, NY 10163-4850

If by hand delivery, or overnight courier:
BlockFi Inc. Claims Processing Center
c/o Kroll Restructuring Administration LLC
850 3rd Avenue, Suite 412
Brooklyn, NY 11232

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Video Transcribed

“,” Hey, what’s up? Everybody is me. This is not a how-to video. This is not a review video. This is not an open-box video. This is purely a frustration video aimed at blockfi and their rewards credit card, isn’t it? So this company went bankrupt, right? And they stole everyone’s bitcoin. But if you had a balance on their credit card at the time that they shut down, they want to collect that money.”


“Like, how are you going to collect money from people that you stole from, especially if they’re a credit card Debt is less than what you owe them. Even if that’s the case subtracted from the Bitcoin that you stole from them and then start with that balance. No, that’s not what they’re doing. Next, you’re going to hear me on the phone with Blockfi.”


“Or deserve the scabs, as I want to call them, expressing my frustration. After that, I’m going to show you how you can make a claim to your wallet so that you can potentially get your money back sometime in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed on that one, because there is a slight clause that you’re gonna want to pay attention to.”


,”This may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance. Thank you for calling blockfi. Powered by deserve for even more convenient service visit us at WW dot blocked by dot com slash credit hyphen card. If you were calling to report your card is lost or stolen, please press star followed by pound sign to activate your card. Please press one to speak to an associate about your credit card account.”


,”Please press. If you have questions about your credit card rewards by text, please hold by your colleague transferred to an associate.”


“This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance. We value your opinion and would love to hear about your experience. Please stay on the line after your call to answer a few questions regarding the service you receive today. Thank you for calling the Blockfi Rewards Visa Credit Card to provide the service. My name is Alejandro. Just a reminder that this call may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes.”


“I start off by getting your first and last name, please. Gavin. Thank you, Gavin. And how’s your afternoon going today? Is it going good? Um. Oh, that’s great to hear. Well, you guys keep calling me, okay? I would be more than happy to further assist you and see why you received a couple of calls from our team. Now, before I do so, I do need to verify.”


“May I have your phone address? As well as with your date of birth? Oh oh 50 602a. I may also have the city of your address, please. Los Angeles. Thank you for that information. You’re now officially verified, and I’m going to go ahead and take this time to review your account, as well as with any notes left behind to see if I can further assist you in regards of, um, those past calls here.”


“All right. Have you guys released our Bitcoin yet? Um. Unfortunately, our department here I deserve does not have access to your rewards and cryptocurrency that is handled by blockfi themselves. So why are you guys handling their payments? Who are you guys? Essentially? Yes. So we are. We deserve and we only service the credit card. Before, when I made a payment.”


“Okay, I understand you here. So here at this there, we only service the credit card. Support only. Now, in regards of those cards that you received prior, it looks like your it looks like it was just a friendly reminder here that your account is passed to and would you like to make a payment today? I mean, I can’t get my bitcoin back, so why am I paying you this $256?”


“I mean, when I get my. Yes, I understand your I would like to pay you guys, but you guys stole my bitcoin and you’re still asking for money. Like it’s kind of messed up. Yes. I completely understand you here. And, you know, I would just like to state that if I was in your position, if I was in your shoes, I would feel totally the same way here in regards to this situation now.”


,”Yes, I totally agree with you on any. But you want to come and collect money. I owe you. Yes, that’s correct. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and make sure to notice down on your account. That’s all. Guys, just take the money that I owe you from the Bitcoin you have for me. Why don’t you do that? That’s a great question that you have here for me.”


,”Now, unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to accept any form of payment like that because I owe you money. Just take it out of the money that you owe me. I mean, I’ve already chalked it up like I can’t get it back. So there’s 256 bucks compared to the 5000 that you guys owed me is chump change. It is not fair for.”


“Yes, I’m coming back and trying to collect from me. Yes, I understand you here. But like I mentioned earlier, unfortunately, our team here at the Reserve does not have access to your rewards. So now I’m going to go ahead and make sure to notice like this guy. You guys probably bought their debt, right? And trying to collect from people that they sort of stole from, is that a better understanding?”


,”I’m sorry. I had some trouble here on my mike. Could you please go ahead and repeat that for me, please? So I’m saying, like you guys are, like, scared deserved. So you saw black guy was probably going bankrupt and you saw they had some debt to collect, and you guys probably bought it for pennies on the dollar. Right.”


“And now you’re trying to collect from the people that Blockfi stole from. You know, that’s that’s some great feedback. That’s some great, great feedback here that. That’s that’s exactly what it is. That’s that’s exactly what you guys are collecting, mainly from people that Blockfi stole from. That’s a great way to put it on here. But unfortunately, I wouldn’t know exactly the exact reason why our team is their purpose.”


,”So they to know. Before you guys even block bankrupt. You guys cut my card off because you realize FDX was in deep trouble. So you cut my card off when I was paying my bills on time. So tell me, this is my card cut on right now. Like, can I use it? Unfortunately, at this time, your card is being placed on a on a hold.”


,”Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any transaction. So you, me to pay off, which we do. And I can’t even use my card anymore. Yeah. So fortunately, we are in this tough situation here currently with Blockfi. But now, other than finding out more information here in regard to this, I’m sorry, could you explain, Alejandro? How you doing?”


“This is very frustrating. I’m doing pretty good. Yes, I definitely understand your frustration here. I know this can be very frustrating here, but other than finding out more information, I mean, you guys only put your names on all the emails after you guys probably bought the debt. So tell me that since you guys bought the debt. What’s the lowest amount that you will sell on my bill?”


“For me, that that’s a great question that you have here for me. Well, so regarding your account, answer the question. Yes, I’m reviewing your transaction so I can go ahead and have your late payment fees requested to be waived. And I would if I bit more. I want the lowest amount that you would accept right now. Send me a letter and yeah, pay that.”


“What’s the lowest amount? 100. You can essentially pay your minimum payment to do for this month. But you do have you are subject to your clear it the whole balance. No. By another form you can pay your minimum payment do but you will still be subject to pay your full credit balance. I’m not paying whether that be it because you guys have my bitcoin, so that’s not happening.”


,”But I will make a deal if you guys want to accept oh, maybe 75 bucks out of the whole to 50 that I. Oh yeah, we’ll do that because unfortunately we are. You guys have $5,000 of my money yet you guys are holding my credit hostage for 256 bucks. Yes, I understand you here, but unfortunately, we are unable to settle any any deals here because of your current balance.”


,”But if you would like to make a pay me, I can go ahead and schedule you a payment for today, if that would be something you would like to do. No, Send me your address or I can send a check and cause this is very frustrating. Yes, for sure. Whenever you’re ready. What? I’d rather it’s going to be.”


,”Give me, like, a standard check. Right. Okay. It’s going to be Reserve Bank, period. Okay.”


,”Okay. So it’s going to. It’s going to be Preserve Inc period. It department c810957. Palatine, Illinois.”


,”600. No, but you can definitely find this on your most recent statement. It’s on the bottom left.”


“Okay. Which you’ll need for me to continue with this address.”


,”Yeah. Yeah, it was evolve. So it’s. Oh, go ahead, Eric. It’s going to be Palatine, Illinois. 60055 Bass. 0957.”


“All right. All right. We’ll figure it out later. All right. Yes. Now, other than I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do, So I’m gonna go ahead and pay this bill because you guys are holding my credit up hostage. And I don’t see that as being fair. I am going to because this is on a recorded call right now.”


“We’re going to make. Yes, that is correct. And I’m going to put it on YouTube and I am going to pay three times as much of this 256 bucks that I owe you guys in ads to promote my frustration with Blockfi. And these are the guys on your system. Yes. I completely understand you here. And I you know, it’s so I’m gonna pay three times as much as what I owe you.”


“So I. Or what I send in to you guys. So I’m actually, again, what is the smallest amount that you guys will accept or for payment on this 256 bucks that you claim I owe you? Unfortunately, we are unable to settle a payment here. You will need to pay your full credit balance the full thing. Okay, so I’m going to be paying three times in ads to promote my frustration.”


“And this will get out to the public a lot. Okay. I understand you here. Now, other than finding out more information here about the payment address, is there anything else I could do for you to, you know, thank you for your day. Okay. Now? Yes, no problem. I also do like to thank you for calling to block paperwork.”


,”It’s a credit question. Or if I did this in the notes, if they keep calling me, I will put you on blast again. Okay. Would you like for me to put you on the. Do not call this. Put me on a do not call list, cause I would like you to. Okay, I understand. Here. Thank you. And have a great rest of your day.”


,”You too. Thank you. Wow. You see, the balls on these people is crazy. I mean, they’re going around axing people for money when they owe them money. And they owe these people more money than the people actually owe them. It’s crazy. Sheer balls. I mean, this is what we’re dealing with in 2023. You guys better buckle up, strap in, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.””Unknown”,”00:14:56:19″,”00:15:19:17″,”You know, they’re not the first credit card company to go bankrupt. Credit card companies go bankrupt all the time, you know, and they leave balance on their books and people go out there and they try to collect. But not one of those companies ever owed the people money that they’re trying to collect from. So that’s legitimate money that that company should be trying to collect.””Unknown”,”00:15:19:23″,”00:15:41:10″,”And that’s totally understandable. I’d be going after that like gangbusters. But this is a whole different situation. They stole people’s money, filed bankruptcy, and now they don’t have any debt. They don’t have to deal with anything, but they want to come and collect a little bit of changed that people might owe them. Nah, that’s that’s totally fucked up.””Unknown”,”00:15:41:10″,”00:16:07:15″,”And they’re holding your credit hostage as they do this. Wow. I just had to do a little silence for that one because I just can’t say what I really want to do. Anyways, it’s another lesson learned. Now we’ve got to learn our lessons about digital wallets. You know, we learned the lessons about exchanges, not to leave a lot of bitcoin on exchanges because they could go down or run off with your money at any time.””Unknown”,”00:16:07:16″,”00:16:38:23″,”Now we got to worry about digital wallets, man. Any way use a hard wallet. Safest way to keep your cryptocurrency. That’s what I’ve been using. Digital wallets are used just when you need to change your cryptocurrency into dollars. So if you’re going to use a digital wallet, don’t put a lot in it. If you have to run a lot through, get it out, change it to dollars or whatever currency that you need to change it to as soon as possible, because you never know what is going to happen these days.””Unknown”,”00:16:39:09″,”00:16:57:01″,”The only thing that is for sure is a hard wallet, and I like to use, oh, it’s been my heart wallet of choice for a couple of years now. Hasn’t done Iran has hundreds of coins on it. You could do staking every pound. Oh, we have a link in the download if you guys want to check it out.””Unknown”,”00:16:58:05″,”00:17:31:01″,”It’s getting crazy guys. Like I said, buckle up, strap in and hold on. Now I’m going to show you how to possibly get your money back in Blockfi sometime in the near future. And remember, it is date November 28, 2022. Because if they do get your money back some time in the near future, they’re going to give you your Bitcoin back at the value it was at the time they shut down.””Unknown”,”00:17:31:15″,”00:17:54:21″,”Think about that. What if they get your money back three years from now? What if it goes up? Are they just paying you back from the profits that they received? But in vice versa, it could be down at the time they’re able to give it back to and then they have to give you the money at the value it was November 28, which means they’re losing.””Unknown”,”00:17:55:22″,”00:18:07:20″,”So it could go either way. But if it goes the other way, what the fuck? I want my bitcoin.””Unknown”,”00:18:10:21″,”00:18:44:03″,”All right, so now I’ve received this email from Blockfi. All right, so today we put token important step towards our goal of refunding of returning assets to our clients through our Chapter 11 cases. It’s our belief that clients unambiguously owe the digital assets of their Blockfi Wallet’s accounts assets. We found a mozambique Question authority from the US bankruptcy Court to allow clients to withdraw digital assets that are held in their Blockfi wallets account.””Unknown”,”00:18:45:05″,”00:19:21:03″,”We will be seeking similar relief from the Supreme Court of the Canada with respect to Blockfi wallet accounts held at Blockfi International. This motion does not impact impact withdrawals or transfers from Blockfi interest accounts, which remains paused at this time due to whole freaking account remains. Paused. What are you talking about? In order to facilitate withdrawals from the Blockfi Wallets account, we also request permission to update the user interface to properly reflect transaction as follows.””Unknown”,”00:19:21:14″,”00:20:01:15″,”November 10th, 2022 at 8:15 p.m.. That’s approximately the same time the credit card falls prevailing Eastern time. This is a necessary step towards ensuring our clients are treated fairly and that the user interface properly reflects the digital assets in the wallets account as proposed. So Blockfi in honor of withdrawal requests, we’re now getting close to February. Nothing has been done.””Unknown”,”00:20:01:22″,”00:20:38:19″,”Supreme Court of Bermuda. A hearing currently scheduled for January 13, 20 23:10 a.m., then scheduled for full hearing after that on a date to be set by 530 page report documents and claim information can be found by visiting Blockfi Claims Agent.””Unknown”,”00:20:42:11″,”00:21:14:19″,”You have reached the Blockfi re-organization information on November 28th, 2022, Blockfi initiated a support supervisory orientation process to stabilize assessment and provide the company with the opportunity to work toward consummating a transaction that maximizes value for all clients and stakeholders. The company and certain of its subsidiaries voluntarily petition for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey.””Unknown”,”00:21:15:14″,”00:21:42:22″,”For immediate access, the court documents instructions on how to file a claim and information about upcoming dates and deadlines. Please visit Restructuring Story. That role that non-GAAP side. Otherwise, please stay on the line and choose from the following option. If you are a Blockfi customer and have questions about filing a business plan or other questions about the restructuring process, please press one.””Unknown”,”00:21:43:13″,”00:22:09:16″,”If you are a Blockfi customer and you need technical support, help accessing your account or have questions about your loan, please press two. If you are an employee of Blockfi, please press three. If you are a vendor who provides service, thank you for calling the Black site Re-organization hotline. It is outside our normal office hours or our operators are currently assisting other callers.””Unknown”,”00:22:10:03″,”00:22:38:14″,”Our regular business hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday. Leaving a voicemail after the town or visit our website at Restructuring Story. That’s a dot com flashback site for all available information. Thank you. They at least turned the car back on so I can use the card out rate. But no, they don’t even want to turn the card off.””Unknown”,”00:22:38:23″,”00:23:14:02″,”I want to leave it off and collect the money. Normally, I was paying the bill on time every month On time, but no, apparently. November ten, 2022 8:15 p.m.. Everything shuts down. Not my fault. I need to chalk up that 256 bucks to write that off in your bankruptcy. But know what you guys did. You sold that to get a little bit of money coming in.””Unknown”,”00:23:15:02″,”00:24:04:12″,”And now that other company that’s a deal with the responsibility of trying to collect the money so they can make a profit of the profit of the audit that they bought. Look. All right, What is this? So this is black flag claims. So if you want to make a claim to the money that they owe you, I guess this is the site that they’re recommended you go check out this number based on classification dates, background like the move back is from state court.””Unknown”,”00:24:04:12″,”00:24:57:10″,”The case or this is a pending before the Honorable presumptive cases of the Joint Minister for Information First motions. Second day previously scheduled January 9th. We have another hearing coming up. Oh, that was yesterday. And then and what is this so annoying? January 30th hearings. That’s a calendar.””Unknown”,”00:24:59:11″,”00:25:04:15″,”Okay. So what’s been going on in the past here?””Unknown”,”00:25:08:18″,”00:25:14:03″,”No, I don’t see anything about deserve in any of this stuff.””Unknown”,”00:25:17:13″,”00:25:52:03″,”So again, while it ventures investment products, blockfi services, blockfi your lending, nothing about. These are these are is just a Skype company. I mean, there’s businesses like this all the time by other companies that that they don’t want to collect on anymore. So that company can get something and they sell those for pennies on the dollar.””Unknown”,”00:25:54:08″,”00:26:30:12″,”That is different than what is happening here. Okay. So the debt that they’re selling, those people actually owe the money. It’s not like that company has a savings deposit for these people. Right. And they’re borrowing money against that savings department. Right. And then they’re paying their self buy and building their credit up at the same time and get rewards for it.””Unknown”,”00:26:31:02″,”00:27:17:17″,”So it’s like you’re building your bank account little by little with the rewards. So it makes little sense. Okay. Now, said the company lost all their savings, but because these people still borrow against their money with a credit card, now they want that money too. So now you’re like, plus in debt, not just the money that they stole from you, but also the money that you technically borrowed from yourself.””Unknown”,”00:27:18:17″,”00:28:01:08″,”How gangster is that? I mean, seriously, how gangster is that? It’s like, I know I lost all your money. I’m sorry. But that money that you borrowed from me last week, and we need that back now on the fucking credit up a bit. Go get it. From the money that you lost of mine. Don’t come after me. You owe me money.””Unknown”,”00:28:01:09″,”00:28:29:21″,”You owe me more than I owe you. And you knew this was coming. You knew this was going to happen. This is why you stopped my ability from being able to borrow more money because you knew this was going to happen. You knew it was going to be difficult to get us to pay you money when you owe us money.””Unknown”,”00:28:31:06″,”00:28:34:22″,”All right, So let’s go to the first three motions. See what’s going on with that.””Unknown”,”00:28:39:01″,”00:29:18:09″,”Notice of the gender file, blah, blah, blah. For expanded body. Concentration of first aid matters you’ll never claims. And those. Oh, my God. So, motion for reenter interim orders, prevailing hearing transfers and declaration or motion for entry? Interim orders.””Unknown”,”00:29:22:00″,”00:29:33:11″,”We’re trying to look for what they’re saying about Blockfi wallet. So we’re just skimming through this over bank accounts, cash management.””Unknown”,”00:29:37:01″,”00:29:46:16″,”We’re just skimming through this real quick. This is what made this stupid website.””Unknown”,”00:29:49:17″,”00:30:16:15″,”Email address are automatically returned. Okay, move. Or that still nothing about deserve reserve is a scab company.””Unknown”,”00:30:22:15″,”00:31:14:19″,”This is why I’m putting this up. Debra’s operating business manages the property. Blah blah. Relief request work. Three requests answer form services in the form of a authorized every two to follow. File a list of top three unsecured creditors. Consolidation list creditor authorize a debit six react certain personal finance attorney whatever equity security holders file hearing motion within 21 days right of the sister Debra files your call to figure out how to get our money back.””Unknown”,”00:31:14:20″,”00:32:20:06″,”Really Or to never expensive time consuming in case of risk of error or jurisdiction. Just doing some skim reading here or has time to go through our countless pages and pages or so that our interests simply increase the ground, however, only apply law and balance against each other at our 17 year of 4% or annual turnover. Uh, right.””Unknown”,”00:32:20:06″,”00:33:15:05″,”All right. So none of this is telling you process of how to get your money back. Currently, people that have wallets where Blockfi is out that money right now, the credit card that Blockfi was pushing. Now, once their balances paid out of people’s pockets, that Blockfi pretty much stole from. So they want extra money. It was before we were technically borrowing from our self and paying it back.””Unknown”,”00:33:16:02″,”00:33:17:13″,”That’s the way I look at it.””Unknown”,”00:33:21:17″,”00:33:44:00″,”Plus, when they were given points back in, bitcoin turned out to be a plus. So it all made sense at the time. On to the Hammer came down.””Unknown”,”00:33:47:21″,”00:33:59:16″,”You have questions about this case and the cost of money. Here are some phone numbers.””Unknown”,”00:34:03:10″,”00:34:49:13″,”Doctor claims submit a claim. You see so many claims being report has not set a deadline for filing proofs of claim at a later. No creditors may receive a notice by mail of the deadline to file a proof of claim where applicable. Creditors also receive an assessment as proof. In this case, proof of where you may be filed electronically by the website or by a hard popper prior to a So they don’t tell you any of this is submitted electronically using the opening.””Unknown”,”00:34:49:18″,”00:35:40:02″,”Please note that supporting documentation is limited to a single preview attachment and is less than five. So the deadline to file claims to be announce roof through your hard part is forms can be sent to the following address. The first class or claims processing center. Okay. So there is a way to possibly if they win their court case to allow clients to withdraw from their wallets basically, or to download a proof of claim stupid.””Unknown”,”00:35:40:02″,”00:36:34:16″,”You see, I’m going to oh, I’m going to do an electronic and I’m email this thing to them some information. For example, just display for access to this website mostly, although you may have certain information provided by the or or or of their such information, it’s a myriad including information display and or history. Okay, bit make this website so annoying.””Unknown”,”00:36:35:17″,”00:37:27:07″,”All right. So here’s the address that you have to write to or your claim and let’s download and put a link directly to this in the description to so that you can also follow your claims route right. Well, this information how to identify the case. Look at only one debit are perfectly okay so I’m going to be checking for blockfi wallet.””Unknown”,”00:37:27:07″,”00:38:06:17″,”I prefer structured to before to before filling out this form. Make a payment. Do not use this one to make a request or payment of an administration expense other than claim entitled to prior order. Make such a filers use leave out or redact information that is entitled to privacy on this form or any attachment to documents attached reach copy, pharmacist or invoice.””Unknown”,”00:38:06:17″,”00:39:10:05″,”Itemized statement of return Running accounts, contracts, cash money, mortgages, security. You’re not familiar with some documents that destroyed after scanning. If the documents are not available, explain in person who filed a fraudulent plan could be fined 5000 for up to five years or both. All right. So here’s your claim form you’re not going to have to address. I’m going to put a link in the descriptions directly to this page so you can skip all the what and send in a statement from Blockfi that said your current balance and how much Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies you have in the wallet, send that in, fill this out and then wait for them to do the digital one too””Unknown”,”00:39:11:04″,”00:39:37:23″,”and fill that one out to hit them twice. I get my money. So you made it all the way to the end of this video. I’m glad you did. You’re probably in the same boat as I am, so I’d appreciate it if you share this video so we get it out to the masses. I’m going to be staying on top of this subject, keeping everybody informed, so I appreciate if you could subscribe and hit that notification button for me.””Unknown”,”00:39:37:23″,”00:40:29:05″,”So, you know, as soon as I put out another video and thank you for stumbling onto my channel until next time, “

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